GSM TRUE is one of the top growing online shopping platform established from the United States military airbase in Illesheim, Germany by Sungmo Goo, an Army veteran with big dreams of creating a platform that brings value and innovation. We feature a tech collection of four categories; Decoration Lights to create remarkable beauty in the indoors, Kitchen Essentials to bring innovation to your kitchen, Health & Wellness to excel in life through innovation, and Alarm Clocks, the symbol of scientific innovation!

       At GSM TRUE, "Make a Difference!" is our motto! We make a difference by bringing innovation to the world where you need modern technologies to be able to adapt and overcome any challenges that comes from change. Today, technologies continues to expand their role in everyone's lives. That is why, everything we do is rooted towards developmental innovation, and why we never stop striving to expand the technological possibilities that is creating a more sustainable world. To bring forth more value and innovation to the world, we aim to provide the most advance technological gadgetries that foster growth and excitement to boost your living conditions. Our goal is to give everyone the chance to benefit from our collection of carefully selected items that are modern, simple and convenient. Through shopping in our collections, we hope for you to reap the benefits of innovation and thrive with the advantages that our items offer. 



The place where GSM TRUE was founded. 



Each of the colors in the GSM Squares represent a different meaning. The purple, represents creativity for our "Decoration Lights" Collection. The Yellow, represents warmth for our "Kitchen Essentials" Collection. The green, represents health for our "Health & Wellness" collection. The last color, blue represents time for our "Alarm Clock" collection!